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Cloud4Europe is the initiative that aims to create the European leader in the Cloud of Critical Applications.

The main objective is to ensure business continuity and data availability, protecting them not only from cyber crime but also from the encroachments of American and Asian hyperscalers, which risk thwarting the ambition of a sovereign European cloud.

The project leader is WIIT, a company with a presence in Italy and Germany that through an acquisition and channel programme aims to spread the culture and best practices for the proper management of digital services in Europe.

Il principale obiettivo consiste nel garantire la continuità del business e la disponibilità dei dati, proteggendoli non solo dal cyber crime ma anche dalle ingerenze degli hyperscaler americani e asiatici, che rischiano di vanificare l’ambizione di un cloud europeo sovrano.

Capofila del progetto è WIIT, società presente in Italia e in Germania che attraverso un programma di acquisizioni e di canale si pone l’obiettivo di diffondere in Europa la cultura e le best practices per la corretta gestione dei servizi digitali.

Principles we believe in:

Who is WIIT

We are a big Group, with over 500 people in Europe, made up of diversity that enriches it and that rows together, every day, towards a single goal: securing customers’ critical processes and enabling them to digitally transform.


We have the ambition to take a Premium approach in everything we do, as we are focused on building and maintaining trust from all our Stakeholders.

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We have a focus on sustainability topics in every aspect and at every level of business activity. We are proud to have started the ESG path voluntarily and with a structured approach in 2019.

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Since 2017 we have been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange’s Mercato Telematico, from 2019 on the STAR segment, a basket of Italian excellence dedicated to medium-sized companies with capitalization between 40 million and 1 billion euros.

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WIIT Merges & Acquisitions

WIIT today is a group formed by WIIT SpA, an Italian holding company that since 2015 has started a virtuous M&A path, arriving at incorporating as many as 6 companies acquired over time, and WIIT AG, German branch to which 5 companies well distributed throughout the territory respond.

Year Turnover Employees

WIIT Channel Services

WIIT Channel Services works with its Channel Partners in the European market to bring companies facing digital transformation projects everything they need to achieve their goals of innovation and security. WCS operates in Italy and Germany with more than 50 accredited partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cloud4Europe project?

C4E is the project that kick-started WIIT’s internalisation process in Europe, with the aim of creating the European leader in the Cloud of Critical Applications.
Thanks to a plan of targeted acquisitions, channel partners, and a clear vision of its objective, WIIT is positioned as one of the leading cloud providers in Europe capable of guaranteeing data availability, and thus business continuity, without interference from outside the continent.

Who does the Cloud4Europe project target?

C4E is aimed at European channel partners and providers who recognize data as the true business asset to be protected and safeguarded.

What are the main benefits for the partner?

Virtuous growth through a model based on certifications and processes, assets with the highest benchmark standards, guaranteed SLAs, and cross-cutting skills. The opportunity to expand its services with WIIT Security Platform, TIER IV Availability, SAP, and strategic partnerships with leading technology vendors.

What are the strong points of WIIT's MultiCloud proposition?

The opportunity to access a scalable Cloud network consisting of 19 proprietary DCs, 3 of which are TIER IV Certified by Uptime Institute (2 in Italy and 1 in Germany), capable of providing multi-country geographic redundancy in the service of Business Continuity. This enables the integration, continuity assurance and resilience of applications residing in different architectures, from Edge to multi-Public Cloud.